I Love My Highly Portable DJI Mavic Pro Drone Review

DJI Mavic Pro Drone Review

In today world of technology, there are so many different companies competing for your business. Selling just about everything that can possibly be sold, from clothes to cars, electronics to furniture. I am going to tell you a little bit about my favorite new toy, the DJI Mavic Pro Drone.

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There are plenty of drone manufacturing companies who claim to make the smallest drone or the drone with the best battery life, or the most hd camera available. I have several drones and the Mavic Pro is my favorite and Im about to tell you why.

The Mavic Pro, changes the way I look at drones, weighing in at less than 2 pounds, is definitely one of the most portable drones I have seen to date, yet it maintains the ability to deliver superb photography, has an outstanding battery life for the size, an amazing range and intelligence you would only see up to this point in drones twice its size.


DJI Mavic Pro Drone Reviews

The Mavic pro has made major advances in the portability of drones while remaining to have amazing specs and all around amazing features. In the drone world, its like moving from bulky cell phones of the 90s to today’s smartphones.

The drone’s clever design has a lot to do with the portability and small size of the drone. It has four wings that fold from the sides of the drone to the sides and down to the belly of the drone, and the blades can be folded in half, which allow them to be aligned either beside or under the drone for storage and portability while also protecting the blades from damage while carrying.

This means that the drone does fold yet remains completely assembled and ready to fly in just seconds, unlike most larger drones on the market which need to be disassembled for transport, and then reassembled before use.I promise this is the one drone you will want with you no matter where you are headed.

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The size of the Mavics “remote” control surprised me. While fully functional it is only about the size of a regular LG smartphone. I like this fact due to my small hands not being able to manipulate the much larger and bulkier controllers of some other drones on the market.

Unlike previous remotes from the same manufacturer, this one has a small screen built into the center that allows you to see altitude, distance, direction and pings from the drone. The remote also has haptic feedback which means that the remote will vibrate a little bit to alert you if the drone is going too far from the controller or hits higher than normal winds. I think this added fact is really nice, due to the fact that I do not always have to look at the screen to know whats going on.

DJI Mavic Pro-Fly For Miles, From Your Pocket.

Another major breakthrough from the company is the ability to be flown without a remote at all. You just need to toggle a small switch on the left side of the body and the drone moves from radio frequency to the frequency of wi-fi. Once that is completed you are now able to fly the drone right from your mobile phone.

I think this is amazing advance for drones of this caliber. For someone like myself, who often carries a lot of equipment, the ability to leave the remote at home is a great advantage of this drone to me when I’m tight on weight or space. The disability of using the smart phone remote only and not the drone specific remote is that it takes away the fine tuning associated with the drones movement, and also cuts back on some of the range.

dji mavic pro reviews

In the unfortunate event the battery in the remote dies you have another option to control your drone. I find this handy for those who might forget to charge a remote battery. Or if you aren’t so into the fine tuning it allows you to leave a small amount of weight off your pack.

However there is one more option that is absolutely awesome. You are able to use your phone along with the remote as a two piece remote setup. The bottom of the Mavic Pro remote control unfolds revealing a space to hold your smartphone allowing you to watch a live feed on your smartphone while piloting your fantastic drone, your phone, when combined with the Mavic Pro also unlocks a new set of flight skills and other options, to use and control to your liking.

While looking completely different from its brother the Polar Pro Phantom 3, the Mavic pro has a lot of the same internal components and software. They share the same HD downward facing camera and lens, which allows the drone to see the ground below as it flies, helping the drone to stabilize itself in flight.

 Polar Pro Phantom 3 Installation

It’s a solid drone even in a decent bit of wind, but i like the hover, when you remove your hands from the controls while in flight the drone holds its position on its own, especially indoors when a signal is lost.

The camera on the Mavic Pro is the same camera used on its big brother, only with a smaller lens. the camera uses the same sensors and shoots 12 mp still photos and records video at 4k hd, which is absolutely stunning to look at. Due to being more compact the Mavic Pro loses a slight amount of lens view from the larger bulkier phantom, while containing the same anti crash sensors.

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It also has a really cool ability to use its computerized image focusing to see you gesture, just wave your arms and it will lock onto you, then you frame your face with your hands and it snaps a selfie from above.

The Mavics camera system has a few tweaks from other models, which just take a picture. There were complaints of murky looking pictures or unclear subjects in pictures. New technology on the Mavic pro allows you to manually choose a subject of the picture. So as long as you choose the subject the pictures are nice and crisp looking. I have several that I have printed and they look fantastic.

The one drawback I noticed and it isn’t a huge one is a lack of ground clearance. Due to the small size of the drone compared to other much larger drones it lacks long legs for landing. takes a little bit of getting used to, but not a huge problem. Make sure you aren’t landing in tall grass or a sharp slope, as it will have a little bit of difficulty doing so.

The Mavic pro has the longest range of any drone on the market due to longer lasting battery life. With a top speed of 40 miles an hour and a clear video stream from at least 6.5 km away, just remember to be careful when pushing it to its limits as the blades aren’t as large as some drone
s on the market.

The Mavic pro is a big help for someone like me, I was videotaping a flying kite one of my first trips out and wasn’t thinking about the wind. My drone sent me a nice little message reminding me that it was windy. I didn’t listen and the winds got stronger and I was too busy watching the kite fly.

dji mavic pro drone review

I began to notice the drone wasn’t coming towards me like I thought it was, and I put it on autopilot and it returned and landed itself safely. A good thing about the Mavic pro is that it flies itself differently and more efficiently than we do. So if you do get into any trouble your Mavic will save itself most of the time.

All in all out of the drones that I myself have the Mavic pro is my favorite due its amazing features (see features on DJI site too) and its capabilities matching or exceeding those of competing drones on the market. I absolutely love mine and i believe a future owner of a DJI Mavic Pro will love theirs too.

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