GoPro Goes Drone: The Gopro Drone Announcement

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It sounds awesome, right?

So, as you could imagine, we were excited to hear the announcement from GoPro founder and CEO Nick Woodman at the Code Conference in Los Angeles. He also announced a virtual something-or-another, but all we care about is the DRONE!

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GoPro has been seen mounted on many drones on the top of the market, but never did we think GoPro would enter the market with their own drone. The announcement isn’t a crazy surprise, still it leaves us wondering how the drone will compete with other quads on the market. Does it follow you without a remote like the Lily Cam? Will it have be a 4k camera drone like the DJI Phantom 3? or just a competitive price? (info below)


After second thought… why not? it makes a lot of sense. There are differently drone that seem to be/ are meant for the publicly traded GoPro Camera. At this point, it may be the move they can make to scale.



go pro drone

If its anything like the Lily Cam (another big announcement in 2015), it will be #1 for sports photography and first person view footage; Bikers, Skateboarders, Snowboarders , Skydivers alike are loyal fans of the GoPro.

Its not like entering the market would be difficult (in regards to reaching the consumer). They definitely have the money since going public in 2014.

GoPro Drone Announcement CNBC

A friend of mine yelled “GoPro makes drone… What!? a GoPro Drone!”  I didn’t believe it but then I went to Instagram and saw the clip from Nick Woodman’s Interview with CNBC

See the Announcement on Video Here:

From what is being released or rumored, the GoPro Drone will be a multirotor quadcopter selling at retail for about $1,000 (or, as low as $500).

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What is the GoPro Drone competitive advantage?


Thats interesting because, if this is true, it looks like the prices of quality (Im assuming from the brands reputation and popularity that will have a quality quad, right?) drones are decreasing- drastically.

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The $3,000 Inspire 1 from DJI is now competing with the Phantom 3 which is also made by DJI at around $2,000 but now the Lily is coming to market at 1,000 retail (or $500 for early orders).

Although we done have any visuals of the soon to come GoPro Drone (or GoDrone, as so eloquently put by Silicon Angle), if it comes out and is quality, it will compete with the big dogs wt the $500 to $1,000 selling price.

Hopefully these lower prices doesn’t mean the products are subpar or they are cutting down prices until they see diminishing returns.

One way or another the market has to correct itself.


I wonder if the emergence of all these drones with camera (as apposed to drone with mounts for cameras) will soon make quads with camera mounts obsolete (?)
Which brings another point to mind. Maybe, GoPro realizes DJI, Parrot and other drone sellers creating their own drones with cameras and they don’t want to miss out on the action.
gopro drone

Hopefully, GoPro makes their drone with a mount for those who already bought or want to buy a GoPro camera so they can switch cameras when they up grade.

Because, although 4K cameras are the craze right now (as seen on the best drones w/ cam’s post) we know there is more to come. Like the 8K resolution. So far, GoPro Inc. has only been able to have their camera in the air with the help of a third party like DJI. But, as stated, DJI and others like Lily are making their own built-in cameras.

Actually, there was one other way… the Skydivers:

Wrapping Up-ward!

In conclusion:

Although there is no real evidence of this GoDrone (lol), we are really excited to see what GoPro does to compete and make the UAV flying experience even better than DJI has with their consumer friendly drones. Being cheaper wont be enough at a certain point. In the long run, it will be about what the user says, how they feel.

Its all about the UX: User Experience.

gopro drone announcement

What do you think about the GoPro Drone? You think the company has what it takes to compete with the market leaders in drone with cameras space aka “Flying Cameras”?

Coming Soon: GoPro Drone Review

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