Meet The Snap Flying Camera

Oh Snap!


Here comes another newbie to quadcopter community.

Meet Snap!

The Snap Drone is created by Vantage Robotics. So whats different between this quadcopter and all the other copters that came to market this year and/or are gearing up for a big release in 2016?

Vantage Robotics basically puts their Snap against the competition as a more stable, portable and advanced quadcopter. Check out this video introducing the Snap drone:

Vantage Robotics Snap Flying Camera is definitely different. At 1st, we thought, “here comes another quadcopter with a camera that follows you” (although they are AWESOME!)

The Snap is lightweight, packs power and offers more protection.

They made it so carrying your flying camera is a cinch. You can simple detach the body of the drone from the rotors. The protective guards stay around the propellers (they are never exposed) and you can fold them to place in a small book bag.

What Makes it Stand Out?

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 5.48.09 PM

The Vantage team is really selling the protective aspect of the Snap


The CEO of Vantage Robotics, Tobin Fisher, says he build the worlds safest aerial photography drone. He points out that other quadcopters with cameras, especially with 4K resolution, are too bulky and too exposed. If a DJI Phantom fell on your head, it would be pretty devastating.

Its is true that many of the popular quadcopters on the market do have exposed propellers, but they also have protective frames that come with their drones or that you can purchase separately.

No one wants to get cut like spanish pop star, Enrique Iglesias

Its not exactly ground breaking stuff. But, it is the Purple Cow that Seth Godin would be searching for in a new product.

You can really grab the drone out of the air without the fear of getting cut or if it were to fall out of the sky, it would cause little to no damage.

The drone is built onto the frame with magnets that makes it snap, hence the name. If you were to crash, the magnetic connection can easily detach from the body of the quadcopter.

Tobin and his team saw a problem in the market and they created something to solve that problem.


Via: The Verge

 The Snap Flying Camera Review: Other Features

Its lightweight and portability are defining features that add to the uniqueness of this drone.

The Snap weighs in at 500 grams. Its like it made of toothpicks.

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 5.29.14 PM

The Remote is on the Snap App, which means you need a smartphone to operate this quad.

They also tackled the difficulty level when putting this drone together. When using the Snap App, you just press a button and the drone starts up.

And controlling the drone is pretty simply. When you want to turn left, just tilt your phone/remote control left.

The average flight time is about 20 minutes.

“Orbiting” & Modes

Here is a trend within the consumer drone market that well soon be standard (no pun intended) in the person drone industry; the follow me mode like the mode on DJI Phantom 3 Standard. It all started when we met the Lily Camera few months ago.

Still, its a very cool feature that all drone do not posses. Orbiting allows the drone to know where you are at all times and keep you in the frame without having to manually control the Snap flying camera.

There are a couple other shooting modes to choose from:

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 6.20.04 PM

Virtual Wire: The drone fly along a path drawn on a smartphone screen

Air Tripod: The Snap hovers in a particular spot. It can also be geo-fenced, so it doesn’t fly outside a a given perimeter.

Camera, Gimbal, etc.

The Snap has a 4K camera with a quality two-axis mechanical gimbal. It’s Electronic Image Stabilizer ensures smoothness. A feature you’ll love if you are planning on doing some live streaming (because it does that too; in 720p video at 30fps).

The camera has Sony Exmor sensor that shoots UltraHD video at 30fps, 1080p video at up to 120fps, and 720p video at up to 240fps.

Screen shot 2015-09-06 at 6.22.30 PMSnap has a range of about 150 meters and speed of about 30 miles per hr.

Like its soon to be competitors it also has GPS, WiFi, gyroscope and is priced around $1,000.

To be exact: The Snap will be available for pre-order for $895 on september 22 and will cost $1,295 once its fully released.

Vantage is working on accessories that could push the range to 1,500 meters, or just under a mile, and up to an hour of flight time (via: PCworld). But we shall see.

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