We know a bunch of people are just getting into the quadcopter/drone world and are seeking a ton of information.

Most times we want that information as fast as possible because:

  1. We are about to buy a Quad
  2. Need to know how to fix our drone
  3. Looking to get better at piloting
  4. Stay updated on new tricks and fixes

Of course, they are a bunch more reasons in between, but quadcopter forums are the best places to get this information from your peers and other professionals. We at RcCrunch definitely try to stay on top of the industry but we know that we wont/ can’t speak for everyone- but these drone forums are focused on just that.

Check out our list of awesome drone forums – look through and pick a community (or two) to join. You’ll see what fits your character and needs. 

Top Quadcopter Forums

DJI Forum

DJI as a company is one of the most popular companies that develops quadcopters for drone lovers, filmmakers, and other professional creators out there. For those who aren’t aware, DJI  makes more than drones; they have all types of filming equipment from hand held cameras, gimbals and Professional Octocopters. The forum is a haven for quadcopter enthusiasts who simply want to get better at flying their quad, keep up with the news and share their experiences.

Quadcopter Forum

DIY Drones Forum

drone forumDIY Drones has an enormous amount of information throughout the site. Although DIY Drone has a blog, news, store, etc. its forum is well known for being one of the best drone forums around. People from all over share: how they built their quads, what rotors they use, GPS/control/gimbal issues, their experience and options on a particular brand and much more. Its a place where drone geeks go to communicate- if you aren’t a drone geek now, once you immerse yourself into the DIY Drones community, you will be.


Flite Test

Look to this drone forum to gather information from peers in all facets of the UAV piloting world. If you have a quadcopter, FPV mini copter, or a beginner quad you will find valuable resources. You can find air shows, mentors and search for other pilots by region. On top of it all, you can start listening to their podcast! Check it out, tell us what you think.

multicopter forum

DJI Guys

The name alone speaks for itself, but lets dig a little deeper. As I mentioned above, DJI is one of the most popular quadcopter brands out there. This forum is all about DJI products, specifically their quadcopters. The DJI guys quadcopter forum touches on: Multirotors, DJI Lightbridge, editing software, community activities, different versions of the Phantom series like the Standard and a hole host of other topics related to the DJI quadcopter products.

multirotor forum

Multirotor Forums

You can find a bunch of do-it-yourself tactics on the Mutirotor forum. Engage in conversations with your peers, newbies & experts, on how to properly map out your flights, configure your FPV screen, flight control and more. If you want to meet up or just speak to people in your area about flying- you can check out people in a few different regions as well (including Europe).

quadcopter forum

Phantom Pilots

All Phantom, all the time. The Phantom Pilots forum is a community made up of Phantom pilots all around the US. DJI Phantom pilots always need to stay updated on their drones. DJI is constantly advancing their software/products: Phantom series, firmware, gimbals, camera resolution- you name it. There is lots of competition (like the GoPro drone, Lily Cam and Snap Flying Camera) brewing in the consumer quadcopter world and DJI is constantly trying to keep their flying cameras ahead of the game.

multirotor forum

My First Drone Beginners Group

Screen shot 2015-10-09 at 1.00.58 PM

First Drone Beginners Group is not a forum- its a facebook group that acts as a forum. At the end of the day, the point of this list is to help you find a community online to help you make decision regarding the build, make, size and speed of your quadcopter. This Facebook group does all those things for you. Share info, queries, pictures, videos and updates with beginners of all shorts; Hobbyist who are just getting into RTF drones or just learning how to build their own quads.

Aero Quad

This muticopter forum has a wide variety of discussions- this forum is ideal for for those who are looking t built their own quad or those who continue to build quad and want to make it better. Learning from other peoples experiences in one sure way to accomplish that. The AeroQuad forums also has video and galleries that can help you along your way and motivate you to accomplish you quadcopter goals. Plus, software (for developers) and a store with products that also can help you along the way.

multicopter forum

RC Universe

The is a universe for all things I guess. Here is the Universe for RC enthusiast and aficionados to ask questions and display their knowledge & experience of the RC world. Of course this list is about drones, but the RC universe has a wealth of information on quads, heli’s and planes that will benefit those who enjoy all radio control play. Still, you can focus on one of their hubs; the FPV, UAV’s & Drone hub to be exact. Get info on new drones, old drones, flight advice and more.

Drone Forums

RC Group

RC Group is a well organized RC forum. You can explore the forum and find great content/information on types of drones; quadcopters, tricopters, FPV copters and more. Then go even deeper on those topics; batteries, software updates, propeller, sensors, etc. You will definitely love joining this community.

Quadcopter Forums

Quadcopter ForumQuadcopter Forums


Well branded- the Quadcopter Forum focuses solely around… Quadcopters. What you cant tell by the title is that the majority of discussions are based around quads that need much care and attention- or – those built by you. Members of this community build quads for recreation, carrying heavy objects, and racing. You’ll find great information about transmitters, brands, repairs and news. Jump in and you’ll see what a cool community it is.

Sidenote: The mascot is too cool


Find the best quadcopter forum for you isn’t the hardest thing to do, but we hope this list makes it just a  bit easier. The forums listed above are all of quality; some are meant for the all-around drone lovers, other are made specifically for a brand or quad type. And, then we have the forums that are batter for those who want to build their own drone- NOT for the average drone consumer.

If these descriptions aren’t enough, just try a few out- it won’t hurt to ask a questions.