What Is Drone Racing?


What Is Drone Racing

What is drone racing?

What makes a great pilot? Is it easy to learn how to fly a drone? What are the different types of drone racing? This article will dive into some of the most pertinent questions about drone racing and attempt to answer all of your most immediate questions.

Whether it’s your first time and you’re just beginning to try your hand at drone racing or if you’ve been racing drones with goggles at speeds of up to 120 mph for years, it’s helpful to begin with a bit of background information what drone racing is. It’s also helpful to clue in on a few helpful tips from the pros.

Here are a few insider tips to becoming a better racer and understanding everything there is to know about drone racing.


More About Drone Racing

Drone racing is a high speed, high action sport of operating and flying drones with a wireless controller at speeds of up to 120 mph is catching on quite fast. Drone racing allows you to fly miles into the air thanks to new high-tech wireless technologies.

Drone racing allows your drone to take you to places that you normally can’t go. Tight spaces, sharp turns, and an endless amount of 3D courses are at your fingertips when you put on a pair of FPV goggles. Racing drones demands your full attention and aggressive maneuverability. It requires you to be alert, focused and agile.

Ever wondered what it’s like to race a drone? ABC Australia put out an engaging Youtube video that creates an experience where you, as the viewer, can hop into the driver’s seat of a drone and experience a bit of a thrill.


FPV and RPV Drones

First-person view (FPV) drones, also known as remote-person view (RPV) drones, is a type of video piloting. This video-operated method of piloting controls a radio-controlled vehicle from the hypothetical driver’s seat of that device.

This type of FPV vehicle is most commonly remotely driven or piloted from a first-person perspective by way of an on board, wireless camera that sends images to the corresponding video monitor.

These types of drones and all of the fun gadgets and gear that come with them are readily available online. Once you begin collecting the basics, you can begin experimenting with different types of drones, more complex flight patterns and gadgets that enhance your drone flying experience.

What Is Drone Racing

Drone Racing Records

The current round-trip distance record for an FPV aircraft is 68.9 miles (horizontal distance). This drone was recorded to have reached altitudes of up to 33,103 m (108,606 ft) above ground.

This award-winning drone utilized a combination of weather balloon and RC glider equipment.

What Makes A Great Drone Racing Pilot?

What Is Drone Racing

How does one learn how to fly a drone? Is it difficult? Easy to learn? Becoming a great drone pilot is really about choosing the type of drone that is designed for the type of flying that you’re hoping to do. Just like boats are designed to serve different purposes on the water (speed boats, sailing boats, yachts, canoes, etc.), drones are designed in the same way.

Here are a few tips from professional drone racers to get you started if you’re new to the sport and to keep you going if you’ve already dove in.

  • Research the best drone racers out there. Watch their interviews, stalk their Youtube channels and ask questions on their discussion boards.
  • Visit your local flying field and start asking questions!
  • Stay smart. Carlos Puertolas, a professional drone racer, warns beginners to stay safe and says that one of the biggest mistakes beginners make in drone racing is flying in overpopulated areas or flying before understanding how to properly control and manage the aircraft.

Some drones are all about speed. Other types of drones are built to swiftly sneak through small gaps. Still, others are built to make soft, smooth curves and gracious movements. Some are built with incredibly fast reaction times in mind and can do 360 spins in a split second.

Beyond choosing the right drone, you’ve got to get out there and practice. There are drone racing leagues, clubs, competitions and meet ups happening all over the world. Join one and get started!

How Hard Is It To Learn How To Fly A Drone?

What Is Drone Racing

Most camera operated drones have special sensors that control the stability of flight patterns and keep the aircraft balanced while it’s in the air. Some drones are also weighted to fly through mild winds, however, flying any type of drone in high winds is difficult and can be problematic when it comes to maintaining control over the device.

These gimbals, or drone stabilizers, work to prevent the device from rolling over or flipping too aggressively. Racing drones, however, are built to take aggressive and sharp turns and have to be supple and easily maneuverable.

Racing drones are incredibly fast and agile which makes them a bit difficult to control and operate. Depending on the amount of time you’re willing to dedicate to your new sport of drone racing, this hobby can take weeks or even months to get the hang of.

Once you begin flying a drone, however, and experimenting with its qualities and capabilities (kind of like you would with a new car) you’ll get the hang of drone flying quite easily.



Drone racing is a fun way to engage in digital and wireless racing without having to invest too much time or money into doing it.

It’s also a great sport to pick up if you have taken a break from it for a while because you won’t be rusty or weak like unused muscles are if you have had an injury.

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