Top Picks: Whats the Best Beginner Drone with a Camera?

In this article we highlight the best drones with cameras for beginner fliers. We point out the features you should look out for and what your basic needs are as a beginner. Every year there is a best beginner drone with camera, new technologies allow ammateur pilots to control their drones with ease.

There is a multitude of drones for beginners, especially as the personal drone market opens up and expands for different skills levels and budgets.

The best beginner drones with camera are RTF drones. That means the drone is Ready-To-Fly without much set up or training. Depending on which beginner drone you buy, they can take-off with one button and can return home in the same fashion; the button is either on the controller or in the drones app.


People get price confused with skill level, in many cases its true. The more expensive a product is the higher the likelihood that its an advanced product that needs years of practice.

Luckily for us drone lovers, hobbyist and beginner photographers DJI came out with the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced and the Phantom 3 Standard – which is the #1 best quadcopter for beginners with a camera and without a camera. 🙂

As you can see in that link, the Phantom 3 is a RTF with a camera that takes very little time to set up has a app and simulator that helps you practice on your flying without actually taking your quadcopter outside.

Not to mention its long flight time and gimbal.


Many, if not all, of the best drone with camera for beginners are able to fly inside. Thats why they are multirotor quads (4 rotors) and aren’t wider than the average hallway width. For example, the Inspire 1 is too big to be flown inside (in all directions).


You’ll want to stay away from Octocopters; the type of drone that amazon has been fighter with the FAA to allow them to deliver Amazon packages.

On average, Octocopters are way too bulky, require skills (its definitely not the best drone for kids) and require you to attach a camera to a mount thats built on the drone.

Even with a Tricopter, you may come across a little more problems.

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The optimal chose would be a Quadcopter.

You want to make sure its a beginner quadcopter RTF with a camera built into the actual drone like the Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF Quad.

Best Camera Drone for Beginners with Resolution Quality

Other than the size of the drone and RTF ability, the most important feature is the camera.

best beginner drone with camera

What are you doing with the camera?

What camera resolution do you need to really enjoy what your shooting. Are you shooting for fun or giving it to a kid and plan to edit the video with music later?

In that case, you may not care about resolution. You just want  beginner micro quadcopter rtf with 3mm resolution like the Hubsan X4 (H107C) . Those are easy to connect to your computer after shooting or you can plug your SD card in and take the images from there.

Do you plan on starting a drone photography/filming business; shooting B-roll of San Francisco, Wedding Photography or Real Estate marketing?  You may be in the market for a Parrot BeBop Drone, Phantom 3 or any RTF drone with a HD or 4K camera built-in.

There is more info on HD and 4K camera resolution in the best quads with camera comparison chart post.

Overview of what to look for in the best drone with camera for beginners

  • Ready-To-Fly (RTF)
  • Indoor Flying Capability
  • Auto Take-Off
  • Return Home Landing
  • Built-In Camera

The other features for the best beginner drone to buy can vary based on you shooting needs and wants; like camera resolution, app, YouTube streaming, flight time, etc.

But once you pass the beginner drone/pilot stage, you can shoot over crowds like ones at these firework shows

Top Beginner Drones with Cameras Reviews

This list is in order from the best overall to the best with the lease features. For example, the DJI Phantom 2 Advanced has a flight time of over 20 mins and has a HD camera resolution, whereas the Hubsan Mini has a 720 x 240 (0.3 MP) camera resolution with about 7 minutes of flight time. Both are useful for beginners and intermediate drone flyers but the features show what you can do with these drones.

The DJI Phantom 3 Standard

Made Specifically for beginners


Best Beginner Drone with a CameraThe Phantom 3 Standard (more info here) is the sibling to Phantom 3 Professional and advance and the newest edition to the DJI roster.

It has a HD camera, flight time of 25 minutes and 3 axis gimbal that keeps the drone stable so you don’t have to worry about losing your frame or getting out of focus.

One of the most impressive features, that “changed the game” is the Follow-me mode.

Its pretty cool! 

The pilot app that comes with the drone allows you to control the quad from you tablet, iPhone or android. You can practice flying with the simulator and stream video straight to YouTube.

There is much more you can check out on Store (free shipping too 🙂 )

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Power Edition Quadcopter

Best Beginner Drone with a CameraThe Parrot AR drone 2.0 makes the list as because it is easy to fly and makes quality video.

This Parrot has a cool design, its really easy to assemble and fun to fly.

The stunt command makes it do barrels and flips, drips and all the trick one can manage (for a beginner of course).

Parrot 2.0 Power edition connects to wifi and is works well with tablets and other mobile devices (required). You can see more information on the best drones list as well.

Syma X5C 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Explorers Quad with Camera

BEST BEGINNER DRONE WITH CAMERAAnother cool RC drone with a camera that has features that get the job done and is fun to fly.

It has a 6-axis Gyro stabilization that makes the quad stable and flexible when flying. Also, has wind-resistant capabilities and fly’s indoor or outdoor.

It has a flight time of about 7 minutes, 360 vision and come with a built-in HD camera.

Check out a little demonstration of what this quad can do!

The Hubsan X4 H107C with HD 2MP Camera

best drone for beginners with cameraThe 1st of the Hubsan family on the beginner drone list, is the X4 H107C with HD resolution.

Its not the HD quality you’d get from the Phantom 3 but it’ll clearer than your average quad with a camera. This drone is more for fun indoor flying than outside.

Don’t plan of using this for real estate marketing at any point. This is definitely the a great pick for kids beginning with drones.

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You can do rolls in the air, flips and other tricks- it will keep you entertained for sure. Make sure to purchase extra batteries so once one is dead, the backup is already ready to go! (this goes for any drone you buy but the smaller drones tend to have shorter flight time)

The X4 comes equipped with a blade protector to reduce damages from minor crashes. As well as lights for night flying! for those who dare to fly it outside or in a dark room. 

 Hubsan H107D FPV X4 Mini RTF Quad

BEST BEGINNER DRONE WITH CAMERA 2016Last but not least, we have the Hubsan H107 FPV X4 Mini quadcopter.

This Hubsan is not only great for beginners, but its the best mini/micro quadcopter out there.

This drone has a FPV screen built into the controller so you can see what your drone sees while the footage is saved to an SD card.

It fly’s indoor and outdoor but keep it in sight because it is mini, so it literally fits in the palm of your hand.

You will have tones of fun with this quad, especially if you want to practice for something bigger in the future.

Wrapping Up!

The best beginner drone with cameras are those that are RTF, have 3axis or 6 axis stabilizers, can fly  indoor and outdoors and are fun! As mentioned above, the other features really depends on what you need to do with the drone.

Other features you want to consider are battery life and connection/ radio transmitter distance. You don’t what to fly the drone too high to where you lose connection and crash, right?


All the beginner drones with cameras listed above posses the basic needs in a beginner drone and more. Hopefully this information helps you choose which beginner drone with camera to buy.

What do you think? are we missing anything, let us know if you think there should be another drone added and why…


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