Which Drones Have The Longest Flight Time

Which Drones Have The Longest Flight Time

Day in day out curious consumers and enthusiast keep purchasing drones. Flight time and battery life are two of the most frustrating things about drones. Flash back two years and to get a drone that lasts more than quarter of an hour would set you back several thousand dollars.

Improvements in technology have resulted in drones that can last in the air for up to 30 minutes.

As a drone enthusiast myself, I compiled a list of five of the most resilient drones regarding flight duration. Read on to find out which drones have the longest flight time.


Blade Chroma Flight-Ready Drone

longest flight time quadcopter

The Blade Chroma is a beast in the air. The Chroma weighs a little under 50 pounds and is designed for flying for 30 whole minutes. Amazing?


Packed with an 11.1-Volt 6300Mah  lithium-ion polymer battery, it is the best at what it does.

Apart from stamina, this drone has an array of amazing features too. It can facilitate 4K aerial photography, integrated GPS systems, and a SAFE® Plus technology for still image capturing. The GPS antenna is mounted on a mast for quality reception.

The controller has a 5½ inch monitor with an intuitive Android interface. With such amazing abilities, it is your perfect vacation partner.


DJI Phantom 3 Advancedlong duration drone

DJI is a leading producer in the drone industry. A recent addition to its already impressive fleets is the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced. It can go to heights of 500 meters for a total time of just over 25 minutes. This unique piece of machine has other features that could win you over.

It is capable of producing 2.7K HD video. It is capable of automatically logging and remembering details of every flight you take be it flight distance, flight time and some cached versions of photos and videos. It has built in LED and sensors to let you know the level of remaining power in real time so you can keep track of remaining flight times.


DJI Inspire 1 T600Which Drones Have The Longest Flight Time 2017

This closely rivals the Phantom 3 with a maximum flight time of about 25 minutes. However, retailing at 3000 dollars it three times as costly as the former.

It is capable of capturing 4K video and has dual controllers. One controller flies the drone while the other can be used to control the mounted camera.

The Inspire 1 is capable of capturing 12-megapixel high-resolution pictures. Its combination of a 6-axis gyro and accelerometer creates a novel and interesting way to maintain stability even in windy incidences. Very slight movements in the drone are noted, and compensations for those shifts are triggered.



DJI Phantom 3 Professional

Which Drones Have The Longest Flight Time

The third DJI drone that offers great competition to its predecessors is the Phantom Pro. This is a light-weight quadcopter which weighs about three pounds. It records 4K video in various aspect ratios and also 1080P and 720P at varying frames per second. This drone can stay in the air for just under 25 min.

Using the DJI Pilot app, you can be able to share Images while the drone is still flying. Included in it and most DJI drones is a very smart battery and a database of no-fly zones.



3DR Solo DroneWhich Drones Have The Longest Flight Time

Closing our list is this smart drone. It can stay in the sky for up to 23 minutes which is not too far off from the rest on our list. It is manufactured by the reputable 3D Robotics company. Inside, it has over 35 sensors and 20 microprocessors to give you a smooth and steady flight experience.

It can reach a height 400 feet which can be adjusted by the user.

However, the FAA advises you to ground it immediately if you spot a manned aircraft. Its modular design makes it easier to replace motors or camera gimbals with just a screwdriver.


Drones are not meant to be immortal in the air. The fastest five drones of 2016 average 23-30 minutes and pack a bunch of other exciting features.

I hope you enjoyed this list of which drones have the longest flight time.

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