5 Reasons: Why Quadcopters And Weddings Don’t Mix

 Why Quadcopters And Weddings Don't Mix
The use of quadcopter drones at weddings has suddenly become the trend in wedding photography. The quadcopter can capture camera and video that no human photographer can achieve because it can be flown above a crowd and capture perfect aerial shots. However, the distraction and disruption leads us to this list of why quadcopters and weddings don’t mix.

Noise Interruptions

Having a quadcopter taking photos seems like an ideal way to capture every inch of your ceremony or every guest in the room, in one photo. But many couples do not realize that along with a quadcopter comes a certain amount of noise. The annoying, buzzing sound that accompanies a quadcopter is not only distracting to guests who are trying to enjoy your ceremony, but it also can quickly become a big annoyance to all present.


Small Guests and Pets

Why Quadcopters And Weddings Don't Mix

If you are having a young child serve as a flower girl or ring bearer, or even a favorite pet be a part of your wedding, skip the quadcopter. I recently attended a wedding where the flower girl cried and screamed every time the photographer took out the quadcopter, running out of each photo. The loud noise and appearance of the quadcopter naturally can cause a little scare in very young guests (or pets!).


It May Be Against The Law

There are federal regulations regarding quadcopters. Some photographers do not do their homework in researching where they can and cannot fly their quadcopters. These regulations pertain to how high you can fly a quadcopter, the purpose that you can fly a quadcopter for, and more. Apparently, without actual permission from the Federal Aviation Administration, flying one at a wedding is technically illegal! Not worth the risk.


Room For Error

Many photographers have back-up features, spare memory cards, and other tools in place to ensure that the photographs from your wedding day are safely stored immediately for you. However, if a photographer misdirects it, or a strong wind grabs hold of it, that quadcopter may come crashing down, with all of your photos stored on it crashing too. Keep in mind that with this new form of technology, there is no room for error.
Why Quadcopters And Weddings Don't Mix

Overall Distraction

Lastly, your wedding is about you and your soon-to-be spouse. A hovering quadcopter will undoubtedly pique your guests’ interest, and don’t be surprised if you see them pointing up at it during your ceremony, instead of paying attention to the actual wedding. With cell phone cameras going off every few seconds, and your on-foot photographers running around, there are already enough distractions – don’t add another one.

If you want to avoid any added commotion or disruption on your wedding day, steer clear of using the quadcopter to take photos. With the right photographer, you can have every perfect moment of your wedding captured without the need for any flying options overhead. Weddings are meant to be enjoyed in the moment – which is why quadcopters and weddings don’t mix!


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